Five Fresh Ways For Fellas To Wear A Polo This Fall

Posted on: 29 September 2020

If you love to wear a comfortable short-sleeve polo shirt, it can be melancholic to pack them up for the winter months. Polos make sense year-round, as both a casual wardrobe staple and a versatile layering piece. Now is the perfect time to add a couple of new polos to your fall wardrobe, too.

Here are five fresh ways to wear your favorite polo shirts this fall:

1. A New Color

The first way to wear a comfy polo shirt is in a non-traditional shade, like deep purple or bright red- something that is unexpected and autumnal. Insiders report that emerald green and mustard yellow are also popular fall colors that look great on guys, too.

2. Cooler Fabric Choices

Why not try a polo in a new fabric? Pique and jersey are always popular, long-lasting options but try a dri-fit material that will keep you cooler. Plus, these fabrics will not stick to the skin or make you sweat in warmer weather. These make excellent layering pieces that will help keep you comfortable in all temperatures.

3. With a Sports Jacket or Vest

Another fantastic way to wear polos well into fall is with a sports jacket; don't skip the pocket square, either. Don't think that sports jackets are your style? Pair it with a fleece or puffy vest for another fresh fall look that is comfortable and practical for the season.

4. Over a Long-Sleeve Tee

Echo the layering style of the 90s by wearing your favorite polo shirt over a long sleeve tee for an autumnal look that goes great with slouchy slacks or your favorite jeans. No need to pop the color; the simple peek of your tee underneath provides a trending look that works during cooler weather.

5. With a Tie

You may not think about wearing a traditional tie with your favorite polo, but it can work! Try wearing your polo with a bow tie for a fun and fresh ensemble this fall that is well suited to the office or school. Skip the neckties and make sure that your polo does not feature a chest pocket, as that can detract from this look.

Who doesn't love a comfortable polo shirt? Polos are the perfect staple during Fall weather, which can turn from warm to cool quickly. Freshen up your fall looks with these five ways to wear your favorite polos- and consider adding a few to your year-round wardrobe! Find a unisex dri-fit polo collared shirt wholesaler in your area.