Shop With Your Spouse For Portuguese Luxury Shoes

Posted on: 11 August 2020

If you and your spouse enjoy shopping together, maybe you have decided that it's time to replace some of your high-quality shoes. If that's the case, think of shopping for handcrafted Portuguese shoes. You more than likely already know that you will be paying good money for them. But, like other beautifully constructed footwear, your Portuguese shoes will last for a very long time. 

Portuguese luxury shoes are made by hand by artisans who have a passion for creating beauty at the same time that they are offering comfort in footwear. Each worker has been trained to produce quality shoes. Part of the training that the shoemakers receive focuses on how to pay attention to detail. That means that every stitch that is made by hand is placed correctly so that it will match the other stitches. 

If wood is used, say for the heel of the shoes, even the wood is quality wood. It will be finished in a way that will add to the appearance of the shoe without detracting from the total style.

Here are some ideas that might help you when you shop for the luxury shoes you are adding to your shoe collection.

Portuguese Luxury Shoes For Men

When you see these shoes in person, you will more than likely want to buy all of them.

Casual moccasins will be perfect for everyday wear. Choose navy moccasins that have colorful accents in the front that will add interest to the shoes.

For dress shoes, consider selecting a sleek shoe that has minimal lacing as part of the design. Black shoes will be perfect with gray suits or with black pinstriped suits.

A shoe that works for both casual occasions and dressier events is the penny loafer. It features cord stitch detailing that makes the shoe even more handsome.

Portuguese Luxury Shoes For Women

These shoes are so special that you will probably want to add several pair to your shoe collection.

For casual wear, select moccasins that are similar to the men's moccasins. The big difference is that the sides are higher, just to make the shoe more unique. These shoes also might have colorful beads that add pizzazz to the shoe's design.

If you aren't crazy about high heels, think of selecting traditional dress heels that have chunky wooden heels. Even though these shoes come in multiple colors, think of going with red, just to add drama to your shoe wardrobe.

For a shoe that can be both casual and dressy, go with flats that have a working cord which can be adjusted for a perfect fit. These shoes have a delicate bow on the top, which makes the shoe even prettier. You'll have many color choices.

As you shop, look for the Made In Portugal words on the bottom of the shoes.