Buy Faux Leather Nautical Tote Bags

Posted on: 16 July 2020

Whether you are shopping for tote bags for yourself or for others, there will be plenty of styles from which you can make your selections. A nautical design for the tote bags is a great choice for summertime use. Fabrics like faux leather, cotton, and canvas will make your purchases affordable.

Nautical Tote Bags For Women

This type of bag can be used for things like traveling or spending a day at the beach or just as a handbag.

For a feminine look, choose a pink faux leather tote bag. Choose one that has reinforced straps, a snap fastening button, outside and inside pockets, and a tough bottom. A large anchor as part of the bag will give it a nautical look.

Another good choice would be a crossbody bag made of cotton and with tiny anchors in a geometric pattern for the design. Brown faux leather for the adjustable straps will add interest to the bag, and padding for the cotton will make it sturdy.

Nautical Tote Bags For Men

A tote bag designed for men can be used for things like travel and as a messenger bag. 

One good choice would be a tote bag made of beige recycled sailcloth. A rope handle and a black anchor for part of the design will give the bag a masculine look.

Think about selecting an extra-large navy blue waxed canvas tote bag. Brown leather handles, a brown leather bottom, and handsome leather details on the bag will also be a good choice for a man.

Custom-Order Tote Bags

Maybe you are interested in purchasing matching tote bags for yourself and your partner or for another couple. 

Choose wheat-colored tote bags with faux black leather adjustable straps and a sturdy black bottom. A black anchor and monograms as part of the design would be perfect.

You could also select gray-and-white striped nautical bags with a large green band for the lower part of the bag. The custom order could include a monogram in forest green, black, or navy blue, which would work well for both men and women.

When you choose monograms for any tote bag you order, think of selecting bold block letters for men and an elegant script monogram for women.

The tote bags will last longer when washed by hand. Just use a mild cleaner that doesn't need to be rinsed. 

Contact a supplier of faux leather nautical tote bags to learn more.