Two Situations In Which You Might Want To Have A Custom One-Piece Swimsuit Made

Posted on: 24 June 2020

A lot of clothing production businesses now make custom one-piece swimsuits. Below are some situations in which you might one to order one of these garments for yourself.

You want a one-piece swimsuit but you have unusual body proportions

If you have unusual body proportions, then you might find it hard to comfortably wear off-the-rack one-piece bathing suits. For example, if you have a very long torso, you might find that when you wear a store-bought one-piece bathing suit, the straps dig into your shoulders or (if the swimsuit has a halter neck) they pull your torso forward and leave you hunched over. Likewise, if you have a larger-than-average bust, you might find that the built-in cups in generic one-piece swimsuits are too small and do not provide any real support.

In this situation, having a custom one-piece swimsuit made might be a good idea. You can give the clothing business your exact measurements, including your torso length, ribcage, bust and hip circumferences, and they can produce a swimsuit that will fit every part of your body perfectly. This will not only mean the swimsuit will look flattering (as it won't dig into your skin and making your flesh bulge out or ruin your posture) but will also ensure that you can comfortably move around when you're wearing it; you won't, for instance, have to worry about the straps sliding off your shoulders when you're doing the backstroke in the pool or the seams cutting into your hips and causing chafing whilst you stroll on the beach.

You're engaged and plan to have a poolside bachelorette party

If you're engaged and have decided to host your bachelorette party by a swimming pool, then you should definitely buy yourself a custom one piece swimsuit. The reasons for this are as follows; you will probably only have a party like this once in your life. As such, you should wear something a bit special to it.

If you have a custom swimsuit made, you can have your name, along with text such as 'bride-to-be' printed on it and ask the clothing business to include your wedding theme colors in the fabric. This will ensure that when you're by the poolside, it will be clear that the party is for you and that you're celebrating a very special event. It's also worth noting that by opting for a one-piece swimsuit instead of a two-piece, you will have more options when it comes to what you have printed on it, as there will be more fabric on which to place any texts or pictures that you request.