Why Order Dri-Fit for Your Company Shirts?

Posted on: 22 May 2020

Anyone can tell you that not all T-shirts are created equally. If you think about your personal experience wearing shirts, you know that some feel more high-quality than others.

As a small business owner or event organizer, you may be concerned with how to create a custom T-shirt that people will want to wear. When someone wears a T-shirt with your logo on it, it is free advertising for which you pay no royalties or future costs, just the upfront cost of making the shirt. If you are planning on giving out T-shirts anytime soon, you should look into custom dri-fit apparel. Read on to learn why dri-fit may better suit your company.

1. They're Cool in More Ways Than One

One of the reasons that consumers enjoy dri-fit shirts is because of how they feel. Most dri-fit shirts are 50% cotton and 50% polyester, giving them a smoother, almost slippery texture. The polyester in the shirt allows the wearer to remain cool because any sweat they may shed evaporates more quickly than in a cotton shirt. This quick evaporation also means that any smell associated with moisture also dissipates quickly. For this reason, dri-fit shirts are favorites among gym-goers. 

2. They're Longer Lasting

The polyester blend also gives the shirt more integrity throughout its lifetime. While cotton stretches and expands over time, most dri-fit shirts keep their shape through many washings, barring any direct damages. This means that dri-fit shirts will last longer for your clients, keeping your logo out on the town for longer. 

3. They're Customizable

Potentially the most popular reason that companies choose dri-fit is for their large variety of customizable features. Since it is still partially cotton dri-fit apparel is extremely easy to print on, while also allowing businesses to design the actual shape of the shirt. Tank tops, long sleeve, and short sleeve shirts can all be ordered at once, giving your customers the choice of which article of clothing they would prefer. 

In conclusion, if you are wanting a company or event T-shirt to be seen walking the streets for years to come, choose a custom dri-fit shirt. Your clients will feel like they are getting something nicer than just basic cotton, and you will be surprised by the support you will receive. While cotton shirts are decreasing in popularity, dri-fit is here to stay. Contact custom dri-fit apparel companies to learn more.