Are You Sewing With Cotton Spandex Fabric For Your Beach Trip Outfits?

Posted on: 6 May 2020

Are you and your family headed to the beach for your summer vacation? If so, maybe part of the fun of the trip will be wearing new clothes. Do you already have everything you and your family members will be taking? If so, then you can stop reading now. Maybe you have decided to sew new outfits yourself and you're looking for ideas. If that's true, then you've come to the right place.

Have you ever sewn with cotton spandex fabric? If you have, then you already know how versatile it is. In addition, it washes well and doesn't hold wrinkles. The frosting-on-the-cake is that this type of fabric is affordable and it comes in many solid colors and in prints. If you haven't sewn with cotton spandex fabric before, think of ordering it for your beach sewing projects. 

Order Cotton Spandex Fabric Online - You're probably staying home a lot because of the current worldwide pandemic. Because of that, maybe you have allotted a great deal of time for sewing the clothes you will be taking to the trip. Are you ordering the cotton spandex fabric online? Before you place your order, make a note of each item you want to sew and look for the fabric for that particular outfit.

  • For instance, write down the words Four Kid's Shorts. Then look for spandex fabric in fun prints and stripes that your kids will love.
  • Order the same type of fabric for tops that will go with the shorts. Plain colored fabric that will complement the shorts would be perfect.
  • Are you a good enough sewer that you'll even be making swimsuits? If so, write that down, too.
  • Cotton spandex fabric has enough stretch in it that it will be a good choice for sewing the swimsuits. 
  • Buy cotton spandex fabric for swimsuit cover-ups, too.
  • Don't forget to include dressier outfits for times when your family will be going to a nice restaurant for dinner.
  • The cotton spandex will work for things like long summer skirts for yourself.
  • If your children are little, they will probably get a kick out of you making matching dressier clothes for them.
  • Matching beach-print dresses if you have daughters and matching beach-print shirts for the boys would be great.
  • On a fun note, if you're taking your dog on the trip, use scraps of the fabric you've used to make him or her cute bandanas.

A bonus for making outfits out of cotton spandex fabric is that it is super easy to maintain. If you need to hand wash any of the beach clothes, just lay them out flat or place them on a hanger after you've washed them. They'll more than likely be dry and ready to wear the next morning.