Recommendations To Help You Select The Right Type Of Work Safety Uniform

Posted on: 23 April 2020

When you work outside on a construction site, whether it is on the highways or on a commercial building project, it is essential to keep yourself safe from the different factors that can put you at risk on the job. There are several types of threats when you work outside and at a construction site, such as weather, traffic, and equipment, and you never want to take your safety for granted by neglecting even one piece of your safety gear. When you select your work gear, here are some recommendations to help keep you safe on the construction site and with your job.

Protect You From the Sun

One of the most damaging factors, when you work outside is the sun and its harmful UV rays. The sun is constantly shining upon you during the daylight hours and its effects can cause long-term damage to your skin in the form of skin cancer and short term damage with heat illnesses. 

Work safety uniforms should include long-sleeve protection and a hat to keep the sun off your face and neck. Exposure to the sun on your skin will cause your body to lose essential moisture throughout the day, and this type of protection will keep you shaded, cooler, and help keep you hydrated with plenty of water to drink. 

Make You Visible in Low-Visibility Conditions

You will often have to work in early-morning and late-night conditions when the sun is not shining. Many worksites provide lighting to help improve visibility during work hours on the job site, but sometimes the lighting is not enough. Fortunately, your work safety uniform can be equipped with reflective strips and tapes to reflect the light from passing vehicles and are made of a bright yellow or orange color to help others see you more easily. 

Brightly-colored uniforms and reflective patches will help keep you visible to other construction workers, drivers, and operators in low visibility. This includes when the weather is wet and also dark and wet, which can decrease visibility substantially.

Protection For Your Extremities and Face

In addition to protecting your entire body by making it visible and protecting you from the sun, it is also important to protect your hands, feet, vision, hearing, and head. Look for durable work gloves made of leather, for example, to protect your hands and fingers. Steel-toed boots with durable soles and stable ankle support are important as well. Then, look for a protective helmet or hat, hearing protection, and eye goggles for additional safety during specific types of work.